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The reserved right for the smoker that has rolled the product that is about to be smoked with a group of individuals. This right is reserved for the roller to spark up the product first, rollers rights can be given up upon request of another bro
Ex1- Dude: Dude, are we gonna smoke this shit up?
Bro: Yeah bro, let me just finish up rolling
Dude: Ok dude, but I call greens
Bro: Bro, I get to spark it because i rolled it, rollers rights bro

Ex2- Dude: That was a great rolled product dude lets light this other one you rolled
Bro: Ok bro, you can have greens this time, I pass up my rollers rights to you
Dude: Thanks dude
by Jointabalaballala July 31, 2011
Toking up with people , selling marijuana. You are distributing the peace because weed makes people negotiate and come to peace with each other.
Ex1 - OFFICER: Sir, you are charged with distribution of marijuana
DUDE: what? No man, i was distributing the peace!

Ex2 - MOM: Son, were you smoking with those kids up the block?
SON: No , i was distributing the peace with some colleagues.
by Jointabalaballala August 03, 2010
when you have smoked the hookah for so long that you just don't want to smoke any more. Side effects may include headache , shortness of breath or exhaustion from the hookah.
Person1: Man , I've been smoking this hookah for 2 hours now
Person2: Dude, me too. I think I'm done with this shit
Person1: Yea dude , I think we are both hookahxausted.
by Jointabalaballala December 04, 2010

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