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A person that likes to sit behind somebody that is typeing on a computer and tell them what to type and how to type stuff. Pointing out errors and anything else.
"You missed a word there." "You forgot to capitalize that word." "You mispelled that word." "OMG THERE IS A RED SQUIGGLY!!! *gasp*"This is what a a backseat-typer is.
by Johnson_D November 16, 2009
The act of flirting without controlling, knowing, or trying to flirt.
Girl/Guy: "Why are you flirting with me?"

Guy/Girl: "I'm not trying to...must have "auto-flirt" on."
by Johnson_D March 01, 2011
The inner essence of a player. Controls whether a person is a player or not, regardless of whether you're trying or not. Can be taught with the right teacher.
Girl/Guy: "You're such a player!"

Guy/Girl: "I am not! I haven't even begun to try to be one of those!"

Girl/Guy: "Yes.....you are!"

Guy/Girl: "Must be an inside thing...something like "playerness.""
by Johnson_D March 01, 2011

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