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Slang for people who dislike Limp Bizkit.
Ando: Did you see Limp Bizkit at the Download festival?

Bendo: Oh, you mean Limp Shitskit

Ando: Haha yeah, they suck, can't even spell Biscuit properley.

Bendo: I know, did you know their band is named after a game where gays cum on a biscuit(cookie) and pass it around to each other and eat it?

Ando: No, it doesn't suprise me.

Bendo: They probably play it themselves with each other! And they probably also play "Shit Biscuit". Similar to Limp Biscuit but with shit in place of cum.

Ando: hahahahaahhahaaaaaaaa
#shit #biscuit #cookie #limp #bizkit #limp bizkit #shitskit
by Johno47 February 17, 2008
A bench usially located in a local park where gay guys hang around waiting for some cock, hence the name "cock bench".

Rules of the cock bench are as follows...

1) After you've found a guy to have relations with don't return to the bench for another 24 hours. Don'r be greedy!

2) You must be under the age of 50 and under 15 stone.

3) No track suits!
Andy: I'm dying for some bum fun

Dave: Why don't you go to the cock bench then?

Andy: Yeah! Great idea, I'd better remember to take some lube this time.
#cock #bench #gay #gaydar #bumfun #bum #fun
by Johno47 February 17, 2008
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