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Basically a "thumbs down" for Microsoft Internet Explorer, the worst internet browser ever created.
If you use IE, you fail. FAIL!
Josh: Oh man that dude is IE
Emily: IE?
Josh: You know that browser developed by Microsoft
Emily: Oh that browser is FAIL
Josh: Exactly
Emily: I get it now (laughs)
by Johnnyquidd December 07, 2010
Basically a mock on the word 'fantastic', where 'hom' stands for homo.
Can be used when someone utters an apparently sweet sentence, which can be easily confused to be a homosexual one.
Becky: "I gaze up at the sun, and I'm comforted because I know that the same sun's light is lighting your face." What do you think?

Johnny: Homtastic!

Becky: "Huh?"

Johnny: "That sounded gay, not that there is anything wrong with it."

Becky: Hey, I am a girl. I am allowed!

Johnny: Right, I forgot. Girls can get away with anything.
by Johnnyquidd December 08, 2010
The opposite of a racist. This usually happens when a guy or a girl from a particular country fantasizes/prefers to be with someone who is from another country.
Jack: Dude you really dig Aussie women huh?
Luis: Yeah bro, I'd take an Aussie woman over an American woman any day.

Jack: You are such a biasist
Luis: Hey man, don't blame me. I just have a huge thing for blue eyes, blonde hair and a sexy accent.
by Johnnyquidd January 27, 2011

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