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The pouty expression on a persons face when they get embarrassed, defeated, or otherwise served.
Al: What happened to Ramon? He's got the Boo Boo face.

Me: Ramon got served and is still in shock over it.

Person 1: Whoa look at that boo boo face on that guy

Person 2: Yeah, Ramon got caught goofing off at work again
#booboo lip #boo boo #sad face #got served #boo
by johnnyredlight November 12, 2009
The inability to live up to the lowest of expectations due to creative belligerence.
Wow, I really Lucased that presentation, we will probably lose that account.

What an awful movie! Yeah, the director totally Lucased it.
#lucas #fanboy #nerd #geek #lucas'd #star wars
by JohnnyRedlight May 29, 2008
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