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A breakfast cereal consisting of crunchy chocolate balls. Sold in Lidl stores. The packaging depicts a large chocolate moon with a strange expression. A number of "space rats" can also be seen surrounding the moon.
I would dearly love some chocolate cereal, but the Choco Moon box unnerves me.
by JohnnyNiles May 06, 2009
The Master Of Smells is a mysterious near-mythical man-creature who has the ability to summon and manipulate any smell in the universe. He is surrounded by a constant, horrendous odour that makes it near-impossible to approach him. He also carries with him an enchanted satchel which contains many sacred and rare scents. It is widely believed that the Master is the most powerful force in creation.

Other titles attributed to the Master are:

Lord Of the Nostril,
Conductor Of Odours,
Ruler of Essence,
The Monarch of Aroma
Master Of Smells: "Hand me ma' satchel.. ma' satchel of smells"
by JohnnyNiles April 18, 2009
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