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1 definition by JohnnyCashHPC4LIFE

Turds is the plural version of a Turd. A Turd is usually a person who is in social senses looked down upon or despised. In basic terms, they aren't liked at all, usually by a lot of people/by the majority of people. Turds think they are cool, when actually they are not. They act like something they clearly aren't, and try so hard at it that in almost all cases, it bugs people, hence why they aren't liked by many. Turds will try acting cool with you in person, when really you don't like them at all, but you have to play cool too because you don't want any beef; to get in a fight with them; cause trouble, tensions, e.t.c.

Turds may try to act cool, like big shots, act super happy all the time but in a clearly fakish manner, act athletic when you know they're garbage and suck at what they try and do (a lot of Turds are Try-Hards and will try their best at something to give off the appearance that they are good when realy they aren't. For example like a game of basketball, just to compete with people who are actually good and aren't even trying). A Turd comes in very close proximity to the definition of a fake/a fake person/fakes/e.t.c. Turds can only be described in their own word to give off the exact description, but they are a combination of looser, lame, very hated, usually very ugly, try-hard, and fake.
Example 1:

Turd - "Hey, come here!"

Johnson- "Aughhhh, *Rolls eyes* Alright.... *Turns to Philip* Man, I really don't want to talk to these guys, but I gotta be nice. I guess I should just tough it out and go over there and talk to them. God I'm such a nice guy"

Philip *Johnson's buddy Philip* - "Dude, what are you doing? Don't go over there! Those guys are Turds!"

Johnson - "You're right. *Turns to the group of Turds* Sorry guys, I gotta get going, I'm late for class"

Turd - "Alright man, see you around next time!"

Example 2:

Guy - "Man, Tyler Elkins is just such a Turd"
Guy 2 - "Tell me about it. He thinks he's so cool and raw when really he isn't. The guy's such a Turd"

Example 3:

Guy - Don't get me wrong, Alaska's (Nick-name) a really cool guy, but sometimes he can just be such a Turd. He definitely has his Turd-moments.
by JohnnyCashHPC4LIFE February 04, 2012
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