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When one is photographed unbeknownst to his or her own awareness and have not been made aware by the photographer until immediately after the photo has been taken, a long period of time after the photograph has been taken, or in extreme circumstances, notified by the emergence of a picture in a public forum or social network.
Billy thought nobody noticed his terrible drunken attempt at his version of the lawnmower dance, until he logged onto his Facebook account the next day to discover he had been photosniped, and live action pictures of his terrible dance were all over the social network.
by JohnnyAppleweed February 22, 2013
A play off the term "whirlwind" except in this instance, the vortex is a conundrum of multiple girls. Whether it be a man or lesbian woman juggling multiple romantic interests as a player, or multiple female romantic interests coming into a person's life unexpectedly, all at once, a girlwind forms when multiple females enter the picture. Players may find themselves in a girlwind often.
The day after Jake finished his first date with Sofia, he met an amazing girl while out with friends the following night, and as that night ended, received a apologetic message from his ex-girlfriend. All of the sudden Jake was caught up in quite the girlwind.
by JohnnyAppleweed February 23, 2013
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