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It's when a person is shitty but also charming. We've all been sharmed before.
1) Why don't you break up with her already?
2)I want to but she is just so sharming!
by JOHNNYAPPLESEED March 12, 2013
Teaching in a half-ass way that makes the students have to go home and learn it on their own.
We don't have enough teachers this semester, so we are going to employ active learning.
by johnnyappleseed February 02, 2012
WWII era secret police force commonly dispatched by commander Jordaan Bruins, of Holland, to kill unsuspecting individuals of government, now more or less used as assassins, weapons are the H&K g11 ACR, and they Steyr Aug-3
Send the Ordnunspolizei.
by JohnnyAppleseed April 29, 2006

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