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9 definitions by Johnny J. Rockability

Slang term for a girl who associates with the punkrock/skateboarding/alternative subculture(s). The term originates from pin-up model Bettie Page's signature haircut with short bangs, a common fashion trait for girls in these subcultures.
The origins of the term "betty" has nothing to do with Betty Rubble, Betty Boop, or with the stereohype that it is a sure "bet" that a betty will have sex on the first date; at least, as far as I'm aware.
by Johnny J. Rockability January 28, 2008
Term for live-in lover's male sibling.
My brother-in-sin doesn't like tomatoes.
by Johnny J. Rockability January 04, 2011
term for a live-in lover's mother.
My mother-in-sin is much nicer than my ex-mother-in-law.
by Johnny J. Rockability January 04, 2011
spending lots of money
A family vacation is one way of shredding cheddar.

Well, she's off to the mall again to shred dat chedda!
by Johnny J. Rockability July 16, 2010
Occurs when a website has a large amount of content that is exclusively relevant to or tilted toward the perspective of office workers, due to the fact that office workers apparently have plenty of time to kill frequenting frivolous, time-wasting websites, like this one.
Examples of office bias on urbandictionary.com are legion and include anything related to offices, faxing, stock trading, elevators, frequent air travel, etc.
by Johnny J. Rockability July 16, 2010
A stereotype that is based on unsound or highly subjective non-empirical observation, with little basis in fact.

Stereotype: Black people are often good athletes.

Stereohype: All black people like watermelon.
Don't believe the stereohype!
by Johnny J. Rockability January 28, 2008
In chess, when a player checks the opposition without gaining any advantage do to a lack of foresight and/or planning.
Two moves in and you're already coming with the premature e-check-ulation?
by Johnny J. Rockability June 12, 2008