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A fake cripple. Usually seen in wheelchairs/motorized scooters. These people are seen using objects meant solely for handicapped people, and they themselves are not handicapped. The reason for them choosing to use these objects are not entirely known and may vary, but usually it just pisses off everyone who is around them.
Friend #1: "Did you see the fripple in the wheelchair?"
Friend #2: "Yeah, she kicked me!"
by Johnny Cockrin January 24, 2010
Mark Cahallan's most famous putdown.
"Shut up you twit" chimes Mark Cahallan
by Johnny Cockrin May 14, 2007
a limp dick that is useless when trying to have sex
"Sean really wants to fuck me, and I would have sex with him if not for his Irish pud." said Sarah
by Johnny Cockrin February 20, 2008

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