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3 definitions by Johnny B Camaro

A term describing when a long term couple breaks up, but can't stop getting back together multiple times. Derived from the line in the Eagles song, "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."
My roomate keeps wanting to get back with his ex-girlfriend, but I keep telling him, "Come on dude, check out of the Hotel California once and for all!"

How long have they been going out? It seems like forever! Naw, they're broken up but I think they're gonna start a Hotel California Relationship now.
by Johnny B Camaro October 07, 2005
33 12
Someone who always dresses in an extremely flashy manner and needs to feel like hot stuff during just about any occasion. Even when visitng the McDonald's drive thru, they still find a way to glam themselves up. This type of person usually has a strong lacking of self confidence.
I can't believe this! That girl who masters the sunset boulevard look is'nt wearing eye shadow for the first time this year! Hell may have frozen over.
by Johnny B Camaro December 05, 2005
8 2
Making a major change in one's life for the best, especially applies to people who have made themselves more attractive from ugly qualities.
She has potential to look good, but since that chick has a haircut that looks like she lost a bet, and wears clothes from the 99 cent bin, it can safely be said that she needs a brand new bag.
by Johnny B Camaro December 04, 2005
8 6