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1. To arbitrarily and abruptly end a conversation, argument, poker game, or really any social situation.
2. Walking out generally leads to tilt-a-holism by the recipient(s) of said walk out.

Tom: Bad Beat.
….30 minutes later
Jeff starts to walk it out the door, with only a very terse response to the rest of the table.For the succeeding 3+ hours Tom transforms into a horned, tilt-a-nasaurs]
2. (During a conversation on whether to make a weekend lake trip to see 3 Doors Down)
Zach: I mean ya, I’m a nerd during school, but you called me to go the baseball game of week 15 of a 16-week semester on May 9th, with finals starting May 16th. We’d be going to see the show in September on what, week 4?
…10 seconds later
(Jeff walks out of the AIM conversation and Zach turns into a belligerent, prehistoric, tilt-a-dactyl)

3. Phil: “I really think Zach should’ve walked out of that club before he ate out that stripper.”
Ben: Ya, ironically, him NOT pulling a Jeff and walking out really made me feel like more of a tilt-a-pendent democrat, like Joe Lieberman.
by John_Juwanda143 July 27, 2008

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