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A bloody clunge, cunt, pussy, quim. When some dirty old slut is on the blob, and you smash her back doors in.
Chris: Did you hear about Dave and Tugboat? She went round his gaff and he stuck one in her Blunge...
Peve: What a dirty cunt! Did she bleed all over his bedspread again?
Chris: No, her blunge butter went all over his fucking couch
by JohnOkey July 04, 2006
Cancer of the Breasticles
Dave: Did you hear about Anna's mum?
Peve: No, what's up with her?
Dave: She's got Tit Rot - one of her tits is gonna have to be lobbed off...
Peve: Good, i fucking hate that Anna she is a right old cunt
by JohnOkey July 10, 2006

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