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A state that consumes more alcohol and has a higher people-to-bar ratio then any other state in the country.
Living in Wisconsin has taught me how to replace water with beer.
by John-John February 23, 2004
A person who takes this site so seriously, they sit around and actually define these words!
Everyone who uses this site, including me right now, is an Urban Dictionary Loser
by John-John April 18, 2005
A phrase or sentence containing little or no viable thought produced by the Yeti himself.
You could paint the dog yellow.
I would pick her up, and keep picking her up.
What do you call 1000 dead people at the bottom of the ocean? A good start!
by John-John February 23, 2004
An Ultra-Liberal who was one of for senators who voted against the ban on killing babies who are half born! As stupid as they come!!!!!!
We shall now vote on the bill to end partial birth abortion, answer yea if you want it to pass, and nay if you don't!
John Kerry: Nay
John Edwards: Nay
Barbara Boxer: Nay
Dianne Feinstein:
Everyone else who isn't an idiot and a wannabe baby killer: YEA!!
by John-John April 18, 2005
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