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Having very large and pronounced boobs which are the most prominent feature on a woman.
Most of the women in the club are looking boobious tonight.
by John kizdiz February 19, 2008
Stinky,dirty,nasty, fungus ridden feet. Commonly found in trailer park residents, due to lack of footwear.
Girl you gots them nasty trailertoe goings on.
by John Kizdiz February 28, 2008
A flavored dip used on the nipples during sex which enhances sexual pleasure.
My favorite nipdip is chocolate.
by John kizdiz February 19, 2008
Not having money, poor, short on funds, no source of income.
Dude, I'm not your bank, get your pogreen ass up and get a job.
by John Kizdiz February 29, 2008
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