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3 definitions by John Torque

Laser Quest Jargon - Dick in the mouth
Haha, got ya! DITM!
by John Torque April 25, 2003
3 4
Some old, expessive as hell operating system that corporations used to use as they realized Windows was total crap to use in the real world, and was later replaced mainly with Linux and BSD variants.
I bought this old ass mainframe off of e-bay that had unix on it and I used it to take over the Virginia Beach City Public School System
by John Torque January 18, 2003
44 105
1) Secret identity that leaked information during the Watergate Scandal
2) Cyber Ninja from Metal Gear Solid
3) To 'suck down' -- mainly a sexual inuendo
Windows ME deep throats some mad RAM.
by John Torque January 18, 2003
24 89