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A Train wreck spanding over an eight year period of time that has sent our nation into the Great Depression II. Nobody claims any responsibilty, but everybody points a finger at someone. a very confusion debate full of visceral animosity.
Dude, The George W Bush Legacy is so fucking confusing, I don't know who to be pissed at! We need a collection of Conflicting Opinions to riffle through so we can tell who to shoot.
by John the Kook January 29, 2009
Wankerpedia is an encyclopedia full of exclusionary editorial snobs. No matter how you propose information to these wankers, they deem it inappropriate or not worthy of their all might bank of knowledge. They moderate your content between strokes while they are simultaniously jacking off to Britney Spears videos.
That fuckin' Wankerpedia turned down my definition of a buttnugget. Stupid fags!
by John the Kook February 09, 2009
A Wankerpediac is a person on Wikipedia, who despite not knowing their own definitions, enjoys deleting every artcile they come across. Not unlike the Pyromaniac, they more than likely sit back and masterbate after watching their glorious work take place. Which is probably a healthy action since they are such sexually repressed geeks.
those Wankerpediacs erased my article on Anna Nicole Simpson's breasts again. Damn geeks!
by John The Kook August 30, 2009
Considerably larger than it's counterpart, the 'Dingle Berry', the Dingle Doodoo is a turd that refuses to drop into the toilet and would rather stay in your asshole. Quite often this unusual phenomenon is caused the drinking too much coffee. Treatment for this condition generally does not require any invasive procedures such as surgery. It can usually be extracted by using and entire roll of toilet paper, flushing five times, and taking a hot shower while using generous amounts of antibacterial soap to the rectal region.
"I'm sorry I'm two hours late for work but I had to extract a Dingle Doodoo."
by John The Kook April 28, 2010

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