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Tagalog term for sexual intercourse.
Kantot na tayo ( Let's fuck!)
#fuck #sex #intercourse #tagalog #filipino
by John Tam the Man July 27, 2006
Chinese/Cantonese dialect only (not used by speakers of other Chinese dialects such as Mandarin); widely used slang term that literally has the exact meaning and connotation as the word "fuck" in English. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
deel lay loe moe ga chull haeigh-fuck your old mother's stinky cunt!

ho deel ah-good fuck

lun-deel-literally means "dick-fuck" (same connotation as "asshole or dickwad")

#fuck #sex #intercourse #shag #copulate #cantonese #chinese
by John Tam the Man July 27, 2006
Chinese (Cantonese)slang term for penis. Actually means "dick" or "cock".
"Hum lun"= suck cock
"lun tuhw"= dickhead
"lun yuerng"- same connotation as saying someone's "a dick"
"Mut lun yea ah?"- literally "what the dick's going on"- same connotation as "what the fuck?"
#chinese #cantonese #cussword #penis #dick #cock #prick
by John Tam the Man October 07, 2006
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