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In the movie Midnight Madness there was a group of Jock's, Nerds, Tuff guys
and Cheerleaders. While in a van riding around, the bunch were putting letters together to de-code a secret-message to reveal the next place they had to be. The guy in the back of the van put the letters together that spelled out the word FAGABEEFY. Then he said it out load - "Fagabeefy?"... and it was good.
Shut the mouth ya' friggin' Fagabeefy.
by John Robinson October 09, 2004
Coined by Mark "The Hammer" Coleman during a pre-fight interview at the UFC.
"I'm gonna ground and pound the goddamn shit out of him" -- Mark Coleman
by John Robinson October 11, 2005
If you've ever had the opportunity to stand downwind of a blooming Dog Wood tree then you already know that they reek of Semen worse than a pair of Janet Reno's undies. Either that or a bag of Funions.
I busted a Dog Wood all up in that bitches face. And that's before she even touched it! Gee Tommy, she must really think I'm a fagabeefy.
by John Robinson October 11, 2004

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