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One of my favourite words in German. I've taken to referring to railway stations in Britain as "Southampton Haupbahnhof" and "Reading Hauptbahnhof".

Anyway, it literally means "Main railway station" although a better translation would be "Central railway station". It's used for the largest railway station in ever major German, Austrian and Swiss German city.
Wir fahren aus Leizpig Hauptbahnhof.
by John Prestwick September 23, 2011
A person who is conservative in the sense that they don't like change, rather than being Conservative in the sense that they are right wing.

In Canada, it can also mean the Conservative parties in general, rather than THE Conservative Party.
The British Medical Association is an example of Small C Conservatism. The BMA opposed the creation of the National Health Service by Atlee's left wing government, but now opposes the reforms to it that are being proposed by Cameron's right wing government.
by John Prestwick February 17, 2012
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