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A long-ass nap during which you get as much work done as a nigger does on an eight-hour shift.
Whiteman #1: Well shit, my boss caught me taking a nigger nap in my office the other day. I think he's gonna can me.
Whiteman #2: Don't worry, there's no one but niggers applying for management these days.
by John McCrary May 09, 2008
That Perplexing cum that you thought you had cleaned up after spanking the dolphin. The cum that, to your dismay, soils you boxers, pants, and sometimes shoes.
(A man pulls up pants after taking care of business) "Goddamnit, I thought I cleaned all that shit off! Now it's all in my boxers and dripping down my leg!"

It looks like he should have checked for ghost cum!
by John McCrary March 12, 2008
A deity under the village bicycle.
Mira used to be the village bicycle, but Jenny subverted her. Mira's now the town scooter.
by John McCrary November 08, 2007

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