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3 definitions by John Kerry

Mostly well-known as a major brand of fireworks. In a classic episode of "Reno 911", the two black cops, Officers Jones and Williams go to the home of a weird hippie who is stockpiling fireworks that are illegal.

So Officer Jones picks up a package of Black Cat fireworks, saying "You know Black Cat's are illegal in the state of Nevada." The hippie responds with "You guys are a couple of black cats."
My friend accidently shot me in the face with some Black Cats. So I accidently smashed his face with my fist.
by John Kerry February 01, 2005
24 6
Banz is the term used when one is describing a person that is a hardcore republican willing to suck dick for coke and just to be able to meet George W. Bush in person.
I am banz.
I like to banz.
Ruflz that guy is banz.
by John Kerry November 10, 2004
14 20
The meth, mullet, and hell hole of the world. Nothing but white trash and white supremacy located in this industrial town where depression originated. The people here feel way too optimistic about their town and the attractions it brings which include the worlds fair in the 70's and a lousy street race called bloomsday. If it wasn't for Gonzaga University, this town would be a nuclear testing site!
American History X + NRA + cheap homemade drugs = Spokane
by John Kerry March 25, 2005
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