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a shorter way to say asshole
You Ahole
by John Jacob March 22, 2003
Someone with the first letter of their name starting with a "J"
What the fuck is up Jdawg?
by John Jacob March 22, 2003
when two people touch each others noses together while head banging to heavy metal music, this may result in a broken nose
"ahh dude my nose is broken"
"well waht do u expect u tried to give some one a penguin kiss while they wer headbanging"
"well it was a heavy metal penguin kiss"
by john jacob February 26, 2006
One who is good at being a skank.
Jenny and Allison are skankstas!
by John Jacob March 22, 2003
the act of acting like a pussy and not being able to handle your weed. some one that is greening out normaly has a pale green face n looks like there about to throw up, and most porbably will throw up becasue they are a pussy and cant handle a lil bit of green
"hey croft is greening out"

"man that guy is such a fat dick head, he always greens"
by john jacob February 14, 2006

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