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Coined by SNL alumnus Dan Ackroyd in the 1970s, the bass-o-matic is an ordinary blender used to turn fresh bass (fish) into a disgusting red slurry that no one in his right mind would actually drink.
For a limited time, the bass-o-matic can be yours for just 3 monthly installments of $10.99 ; operators are standing by, please call now! Offer not available in stores.
by John J. Ronald February 08, 2006
1) the result of the intentional freezing of beer for frozen consumption in the same manner as home-made popsicles.
2) the accidental result of leaving bottled beer inside a freezer too long; this usually shatters the bottle to produce a frozen, sticky, undrinkable mess. They are an inherent risk of using freezers to rapid-cool room temperature bottled beer for the chilled consumption preferred in North America.
Man, you left my brew in the fridge too long, dude! Thanks for the beersicles, asshole...
by John J. Ronald February 08, 2006
alternative spelling of Dork, sometimes with exaggerated, drawn-out pronunciation. Sometimes used with archaic English for added effect.
Thou art a royal Dorque.
by John J. Ronald February 08, 2006
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