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Created on April 10th, 2008 by a young sexy beast of a boy named *censored* *censored* *censored*, Cyclops Monkeys in a Cup were an instant hit to the entire school. With their floppy, flailing arms, funny looking eye, and selling agreement with McDonald's, these lovable little items became an instant hit to the shopping market of the United States. Such a hit were they, in fact, that even the President and his cabinet fell in love with them.

Yes, you saw correctly. Cyclops Monkeys in a Cup are available in every McDonald's near you along with the purchase of a Happy Meal. Use their laserlike eyes to burn a hole in that disgusting 13482342 fat gram containing burger that you are eating!
I went to McD's (McSucks) and got fifty quarter pounders with cheese, along with five million milkshakes and nine thousand big macs (typical O'Malley order). Along with my gargantuan order came five free Cyclops Monkeys in a Cup! I was so excited that I went home and played with my new toy for twenty years.
by John DoeNumberfour April 10, 2008
A retarded-looking pancake thing with floppy arms, giant eyes, disgustingly flabby legs, and huge genatalia. Also, Pancake Faces love yelling "Not so fast!" to random people, and then when they slow down, saying "That's better!" Just like in National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1! Pancake Faces come in many different shapes and forms, ranging from Faggot Pancake Face to Wayne Gretzky Pancake Face to Tabb Pancake Face.
I was walking through the ancient world of Pancakeville one day and there were so many different types on Pancake Faces everywhere! There Was Faggot, Dumbass, Super Surgeon Monkey, and even Jell-O Tabb Trash Pancake Faces! It was amazing. Oh. Yeah, they all had huge genatalia. CAN'T FORGET THE GENATALIA. Pancake Face also made a guest appearance in "Albert The Fat Math Guy."
by John DoeNumberfour April 10, 2008
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