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1.) Big Jugs
2.) Oddball town in Colorado
We went into Boulder and were greeted by some ultra-modern hippies driving Subarus and wearing Birkenstocks, and what was really weird was they had bongos.
by John Denver July 16, 2003
(v) to eat shit and die
(v) told to people in an effort to get them to go the hell away and never come back
Basically, a rather frank way of saying that you are very angry at someone and wish them to have the misfortune of having to suck feces through a straw
Yo, I told your mama to suck shit when she told me to got go smoke my crack elsewhere.
by John Denver October 19, 2004
Shaky man who says izzle alot. Constanly speaks yto him self, so it seems, although he is on his cellular telephone. Wishes tyo be a police officer, however may be too shaky to hold a pistol, or even a baton, or even his own cock when masturbating. Enjoys eating the female genitalia aswell, and long walks on the beach
B.T. Sharpie you are a ladies man, walking on the beach eating the pussizzle my brozizzle.
by John Denver December 10, 2003
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