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A person who begs for money, stereotypically considered to be a drug user. Well, to be fair, they usually are.
"Let's go into town and throw stuff at smackrats."
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
"AFH" stands for "away from home" and is the act of taking a shit anywhere outside of the comfort of your own home. Particuarily applies to taking a shit at your friends house.
"Oh god, I need to go AFH. Now."
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
Loosley translates to "rubbish" in German.
"You took on three polar bears and the entire Nazi army on your own with only a potato gun? Shnickshnack!"
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
When a person screws another person over completely and utterly.
“Oh fuck. Jim has taken my credit cards, and last night he hypnotised me and made me reveal all my bank details and PIN numbers. Now he’s drained all the money from all my accounts, bought a Thai bride and a plane and flew to Cuba where he’ll no doubt take over some seedy drug ring and use my hard, earned cash to buy hookers, cocaine and god knows what else. Fuck, I totally got shitflapped.”

“I knew I wouldn’t get the tenner back, Jim is well known for shitflapping.”

"Ben took your girlfriend? Hmmm, shitslap."
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
An old game by the name of Monster Rancher 1 & 2 used to have a small, fat, boneless creature called a Gaboo.

Therefore, it became commonplace by its players to call anyone short and fat a “gaboo”, a “gaboo” can also be any person that is particularly gutless and cowardly.
"Jim is such a fucking gaboo."
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
Any drink that is found to be unsatisfactory. Used typically in the Midlands of the United Kingdom
"This drink's awful, what the fuck is this? Bastardjuice?"
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
When one has "the hat" he is typically doing extremely well. For example, he may have a flash car, nice house, fit wife, etc.
"Timmy, now there's a man who has the hat."
by John Delonge April 08, 2006

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