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8 definitions by John Curtis

A rather large and excessively pale, or whitish tinted piece of feces, often caused by certain diets, intestinal malabsorption or pancreatic disorders.
"Dude! Did you intentionally not flush the toilet so I would see that Hannah Montana you left in there?"

"Heck yeah. Ya' know, it sounded just like Hannah Montana coming out also."
by John Curtis August 28, 2007
2489 607
When you go to take a dump, and it is so lengthy that it bottoms out in the toilet bowl, so you must lift yourself up off the toilet seat to complete it.
I had to shit so bad when I got home, that I let out a New Jersey Submarine. I had to stand up in order to finish it. Boy, did it stink too.
by John Curtis August 18, 2007
56 22
A very large, gaping, and over-used vagina.
"So Les, did you ever poke that Shirley chick?"

"Of course I did... Me and the whole football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer team. That girl's got quite the new jersey duffelbag!"
by John Curtis January 05, 2009
45 13
An American blonde overweight, trailer park inhabitant woman who often engages in sexual relations with black men.
"J'all see Billy Sue runnin 'round with that Tyrone boy again?"

"Yeah, damn that girl is such a negropheliac."
by John Curtis September 02, 2007
34 6
A vehicle once known as Cadillac, which has been transformed into a drivable abnormality, often recognized with a lifted appearance, huge wheels, and the number 22 painted on the side.
"Holy fuck. I never knew Cadillac made off road vehicles!"

"Dude, that isn't a Cadillac. That's a Niggalac."
by John Curtis September 03, 2007
27 4
Described as the act of committing a felony between the hours of midnight and sunrise.
Nobody knew where the TV went, or if it now belonged to Leroy or Tyrone. The new owner has chosen to remain niggonymous.
by John Curtis September 02, 2007
20 4
the resultant effects of drinking large amounts of malt liquor
Tyrone eventually became annegriated after he repeatedly hit dat fo tay.
by John Curtis September 03, 2007
14 0