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a straight man who actively seeks conversation with other men in a social environment in which it would me more beneficial to talk to members of the opposite sex, i.e. bar.
Patick's Mom- "did you meet any nice girls tonight?"
Patrick- "no..."
Patrick's Dad- " I fucking knew it! you where being a dudetalker again were'nt you!
by John Bernstiel July 30, 2008
"a drinking game played with 4 players, (two on each team) a frisbee and two beer bottles. The beer bottles are placed about 20 feet apart from each other and each team stands behind their bottle. The object of the game is to talke turns and throw the frisbee and try to knock over the other teams bottle. The teams bottle the falls must drink a beer. The game is usally played untill one teams bottle is knocked over seven times.
"hey you guys just got your ass whooped in beerbee."
by John Bernstiel July 30, 2008
a man who will not iniuate converation will women but rather will wait for another man to inituate the converation and than move in and try to steel the attention from the women.
"dan is such a bitty vulture"
by John Bernstiel July 30, 2008
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