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Full of sticks up asses. Joints are lit, alcohol is consumed like its from the fountain of youth, and daddy's money is spent like it grows off trees. Well, here, it practically does. Full of preps, and then the antis. People trying to pull off the Anticrombie order, but that doesnt count, you 'rebels'. Your train station is a major hub station for drug dealers. Parents out of town? You know how to party. Too bad you cant remember when you do because wasted is a prime vocab word. Surprisingly, the school is still ranked very high in the state. You sure know how to keep your liquor.
The kid was able to party every weekend, steal his parents liquor, and have sex like he was paid (although he probably was), and he was still able to pull off an A- on all his exams.
by Johann Gutenburg February 21, 2005

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