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A band that wrote and performed "i just wanna live" and continued to call themselves punk. Fucken i just wanna fucken live. And still punk. An MTV created scourge thats a greater threat to individual freedom than islamic jihad and talk back radio combined.
we're so punk. i mean look at us. we have studs on our belts. ON OUR BELTS!- Good Charlotte
by Johan Svenson May 20, 2005
A term for a vinyl 12" 'long playing' or 'LP' record. Named because it is black and about the same size as a pizza.
I have that song on an old 33-1/3 rpm licorice pizza
#lp #licorise pizza #vinyl #record #12
by Johan Svenson November 25, 2005
a term made redundant by the goths, emo kids, etc. who use it to describe anyone who isnt exactly like them. ironic as hell.
Goth to Emo Kid: "look at that sheep with the studded wristband. BAHHHHH!"
Emo Kid to Goth: "look at that sheep with the black cape. BAHHHHH!"
by Johan Svenson June 17, 2005
Someone (almost exclusively male) who through over exposure to anime, awkward japanese porn, or soul destroying hentai, believes japanese women to be eternally cute huge breasted and eternally 14 year old looking creatures of perfection.
did you see todd trying to hit on that japanese exchange student with lines he learned from neon genesis? yeah, hes such a japanophile
by Johan Svenson May 19, 2005
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