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A commonly used term regarding Maryland laws or lack there of. It is frequently used among gun enthusiast in regards to Maryland's backwards gun laws.

Much like The people's Republic of China, the Liberal law makers find ways to infringe on the rights of Marylanders that are guaranteed in the constitution. Much of the laws are remnants of slave laws where it was illegal for Blacks (even freed slaves) to own firearms.

Oddly enough Maryland is a Blue state, yet the people vote for leaders that don't trust them or do not protect their constitutional rights.
In the People's Republic of Maryland it is not illegal to conceal a handgun if you have the permit. By law Maryland has to make available applications for CCW's (conceal and Carry Weapons license), however nobody every gets approved for a CCW. It is either denied of redtaped Unlike Virginia Maryland doesn't trust their residents.

In Maryland you are not allowed to buy, sell, or transfer magazines that hold over 20 rounds, however you can buy them in another states and bring then into Maryland for personal ownership.
by JoeySnuffy January 25, 2010

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