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Totally Awkard Situation.

First penned by Melbourne's Lazy. Too lazy to say the extended version. Also implented by cycling group MGCK.
Ellen- OMG i can't believe we just ran in to your ex. and his new gf.

Zoe- I knooooow.

Joely and Char- waah Totes awk sitch!
by Joelywh April 29, 2007
Due to the common use of the word dog to mean an ugly woman, a new phrase was needed to signify a canine. Thus the phrase 'actual barker' was coined.
Jo: OMG check out that dog!
Ellen: What? Where? What's she wearing?
Jo: NO! not a dog girl, a dog, like an actual barker
by Joelywh November 10, 2007
Australian colloquiallism short for feral, meaning someone who aestetically unpleasant to look at or an object of questionable sanitary appeal
Guy 1 - Hey, what do you think of Tanya?
Guy 2 - Dude, wtf? She's fez...!

Girl 1 - Eugh, I just knelt on gum
Girl 2 - Fez.
by Joelywh December 09, 2008

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