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To masturbate to, or with, artichokes.
I artichofa every time I watch the Food Network.
by Joefus' Roommate September 09, 2008
What you refer to as, the pulling off of the condom after having intercourse while making the "czshingggg" noise, forcing the woman to commit seppuku.
I asked Janet if she was on the pill. When she said "no," I was forced to pull out my samurai sword.
by Joefus' Roommate September 09, 2008
When you pull your hand down underneath your balls in the shape of a chicken's mane, while clucking like a chicken until ejaculation, you slap the girl with the same chicken mane hand.
Bitch got chicken shacked, yo.
by Joefus' Roommate September 12, 2008
Placing one's hand inside of a freshly douched pussy.
After I got home from work, I used my woman's hand sanitizer.
by Joefus' Roommate September 09, 2008
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