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A ass-kickin group; leaded by Olivier Nzuzi Niati Polo, formely known as "Pele". Vice-Leader: Axel Lawarée, who scored amazin' 21 Goals!
Boy:"Dad, I wanna see how some bum-like fuckin' People get their ass kicked!"
Dad:"Right, how do think about goin' 2 SW Bregenz vs. Admira Wacker?"
by Joe tha Hoe June 09, 2003
Amazing Game-Console; produced by my homie "Dave 2 da D"
Opposite of the best Console, tha Xbox.
I just bought Horrowind for my Y-boxConsole
by Joe tha Hoe June 09, 2003
A Calculator - let's get ThA PaRtY gEtTiNg On!!! Yeah, that makes no sense at all, man, but listen tu ur heartbeat and walk straight on tha street till u drive him cräääässy.
TI-92 R0xXx da whole hole!
by Joe tha Hoe June 14, 2003

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