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The dirty turd is when you shit out only one turd but have to wipe your ass so much you use most of the toilet paper (if not all of it). That is why it is called the dirty turd.
Dave used a whole roll of toilet paper and his left sock after he pooped out that dirty turd.
by Joe Z January 08, 2007
Another way of saying you have to poop or take a shit
Q: Where is Dave? A: He just ate ten tacos. He had to go strangle a midget.
by Joe Z May 03, 2008
When a woman is too fat to have sex with so you soap up and fuck her armpit.
Last night Dave took home a land mass that was taking up three barstools. Knowing she had a good 100 lbs on him, there was no way Dave was getting the plug in the socket. He elected the sud and fud. So he soaped up her armpit and fucked it like a champ.
by Joe Z October 21, 2011
The stains left in your underwear after unleashing a wet fart
The bean soup I ate for lunch gave me coffee stains.
by Joe Z January 08, 2007
When you have to shit so bad that a turd the size of a fifty cent cigar starts to come out of your ass. Similar to shart
As Dave walked home, the cheap beer kicked in. He was forced to hobble home with a fifty cent cigar hanging out of his ass.
by Joe Z January 08, 2007
When you fart and it sounds like a wisp of air.
Dave let fly a little wind biscuit.
by Joe Z January 09, 2007

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