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Hopelessly outdated word used to refer to a first-year cadet at the USAF Academy. Generally used only by graduates from the class of 1965 or before, or by clueless parents that have read some stupid shit from their local USAFA Parents' Association.
Son, how is your doolie year going?

Jeezus, mom, what did you just call it??
by Joe Stract November 25, 2006
Common term used by most cadets for referring to the physical location of the USAF Academy. Preferable to "the zoo" (infrequently used except by tourists although well-known by cadets), or "the academy" (considered too formal for use by actual cadets).

Used because the terrazzo section of the academy grounds, the main surface between the cadet dorms, academic building and chapel, is 3 stories above the terrain on the outside of the dorms and academic building, and is at a higher elevation than most of the surrounding terrain to begin with (except for the mountains to the west, of course)
Spike: It's only 9, wanna hit another bar?

Mike: Nah, I'm gonna head back to the hill.

Spike: Dork. Don't forget to shine your boots when you get back.

by Joe Stract November 25, 2006
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