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4 definitions by Joe Slang


I. Literally, translates to what has sometimes been termed the most obscene word in the English language "cunt"...
II. Usually used as a passionate, emphatic expletive (see fuck!, shit!, damn!, etc...) Significantly more vulgar than "mierda" (shit).
>>Conyo, hombre, ella sabe!

Transl.: FUCK man, she knows!

by Joe Slang December 28, 2003
To procreate, have sex, engage in coitus, etc.

Very akin to fuck

see also copulate
In court, on the witness stand

Prosecution: What led you to beleive the defendant was violent?

Witness: The defendant smashed up my car and told me to fornicate myself.
by Joe Slang December 28, 2003
a name of a person(s) on Final Fantasy XI, usually on the fairy server. this type of person is known to be very gay, and come up with the worst comments. he is also known to give virtual "blow jobs" for 1k gil.
OMG, your such a SMURV!
by Joe Slang June 03, 2004
when ur having sex and ur partner asks u to take a shit on his or her face.
I asked Kiki to freek-a-shit on me when we were almost over with sex.
by Joe Slang March 10, 2004