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N. Wales general street / housing estate catch-all term meaning, variously, to 'talk nonsense'; 'to corner someone and batter their head with words'; to rap}
"It was hell of a shady last night, I copped a hell of a moidering off that girl I shagged last Saturday"
by Joe Shoo January 08, 2005
N. Wales
One who moiders
"That Morgan's a terrible moiderer, he just won't stop, it's hellofa shady"
by Joe Shoo January 08, 2005
N Wales; ubiquitous sentence construct
1. extremely 2. totally
"It's hellofa pissing it down outside, and I need to go and sign on, how shady is that. Bad one}"
by Joe Shoo January 08, 2005
N. Wales, archaic but still in current use
1. suspicious 2. cruel 3. a bad situation out of your control 4. (jocular) a bad or unwanted set of circumstances
"They wouldn't let me into the club last night cause they said my Ben Sherman shirt was too scruffy, it was hell of a shady"; "I dropped my kebab on the way home, it was dead shady"
by Joe Shoo January 08, 2005
N. Wales slang
1. shady 2. general deflective riposte to a moiderer who's whinging about something
"Man: 'Shady, I spilt my tofoc' Woman: 'bad one'"
by Joe Shoo January 08, 2005

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