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A band that actually worked for a living. They usually toured at least seven months out of a given year. They only released records to make enough money to cover their excessent touring. They are from a bygone era when music was fun and represented freedom, and even though became multi-millionaires, they were never into it for the money or they would have released more polished, accessible albums.
Let's get a twelver and sit on the hill and listen to the Grateful Dead.....dude!
by Joe Kritchell May 09, 2008
A type of hair style for teenage girls popular in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The hair style is characterized by lots of Aqua net hair spray and is sometimes crimped. The bangs are sprayed and then blown with a blow dryer as to stand up on end. Some of the famous people who doned "mall hair" are Tina Yothers, Tiffany, Julia Roberts, Shannen Dougherty, Charlotte Ross, Marissa Tomei and the rock group The Bangles. Most of the popular teen actresses of that era had mall hair at one time or another. Mall hair was very cool to have during that period of time for teenagers, but anyone who kept that style after the fad or when they reached their twenties were looked upon as being very uncool.
That woman would be very attractive is she just got rid of that mall hair.
by Joe Kritchell May 08, 2008
A hair style that started in the early 1970's as a result of employers discriminating against long hair. The person would get their hair cut regularly, but keep the back long and tuck it into thier collars to hide it's length. Hence the phrase "business in the front, party in the back". The haircut was first seen worn by Paul McCartney in the early 1970's, but then became extremely popular in the 1980's and 1990's because of MTV videos by U2 and the "Lethal Weapon" movies. The term "mulletthead" was first coined by the actor George Kennedy in the movie "Cool Hand Luke" These people are known to have had (and may still do)have mulletts: Kurt Russell, Bono, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Paul McCartney,& Billy Ray Cyrus,
Someone better tell that dude the eighties are over and to cut that mullett.
by Joe Kritchell May 08, 2008
Whiteyball was term used in the 1980's to descibe the kind of baseball played by the St. Louis Cardinals and their manager Whitey Herzog. It was characterized by speedy base running, defensive fundamentals, a penchant for pinch hitting, a very intricate use of middle relievers and lack of power hitting. The team was built for speed instead of power because of the enormous size of the playing field at the old Busch Memorial stadium. The team won one World Series and three penants under Whitey Herzog. The team was always at the top of the statistics for stolen bases, earned run average, runs batted in and saves, but were at the bottom for home runs. The object was to manufacture runs by speed and sacrifices then hold the lead for their closing pitchers, Bruce Sutter or Todd Worrell.
The 1982 World Series featured "Whiteyball" vs "Harvey's Wallbangers".
by Joe Kritchell May 08, 2008

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