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2 definitions by Joe Kendall

1. A breather is short for poopbreather.
2. Someone who has the breath of poop.
3. One who breathe's poop.
Fred was such a breather yesterday.
by joe kendall September 05, 2004
8 20
The lesser known meaning of P.I.M.P. commonly used in the eastside of Plevna, Indiana, a.k.a the Amish Ghetto. Developed by Brad Shrock in the year of 86. When confronted by a young Amish Man he simply brushed the poop off his shoulder and said, Im A P.I.M.P (Pooper In My Pocket)
Jebadiah, you are one sick P.I.M.P.
by Joe Kendall September 22, 2004
7 22