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Adjective used to describe the vibe when the boss is out of the office, or leaves early at lunchtime, especially on a Friday.
Jenn: Hey Joseph, take your time coming back from lunch.

Joseph: Why?

Jenn: Herbert just left early.

Joseph: Its going to be a glorious afternoon in the office!
by Joe Homebrew May 06, 2011
Potent sperm that are capable of producing large birthweights in children, usually 10 plus pounds.
Joe: Hey Chad, how much did your brother weigh at birth?
Chad: Drew weighed 12lbs 11oz
Joe: Dang! You're dad planted the Bubba Seed that night!
by Joe Homebrew August 27, 2009
A type of bowel movement that is slender, reddish in color and burn your asshole on the way out, usually the day after eating spaghetti, pizza or chili.
Man, that chili tore me up last night, I had a case of the hot reds this morning!
by Joe Homebrew February 15, 2008
An erect penis that is eager or kickin' for some action
This chick at the club was grinding on me all night so we went back to her place and I gave her the mule leg!
by Joe Homebrew July 06, 2006
The rolls of fat on the upper torso that when viewed from behind look like boobs hanging down under your shoulder. Some are multi-rolled and in layers. Can be on a man or a woman.
The chubby redneck girl in the too-small pink John Deere t-shirt had some sweet back ta-ta's!
by Joe Homebrew December 30, 2008
The small dark curly pubic hairs you find in a hotel room when you turn down your clean bed.
Everytime I turn down my bed at a hotel, I find bink-binks on the sheets.
by Joe Homebrew July 07, 2006
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