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The act of masturbating while making out. Commonly practiced when when one's partner is horrible at giving a handjob or blowjob. Note that one "gives" a Virginia Handjob to them self.
Danny: "Dude Katie broke my achy breaky heart last night *cries*"
Joe: "thats rough why?"
Danny: "I asked if i could just give myself a Virginia Handjob instead of of her jerking me off and then she said no and broke up with me cuz im such a gay pretty boy"
Joe: "yeah i know she actually just digged me for my french exchange student persona"
Danny: "god damnit joe youre just so much better than me at life"
Bob: "Tapawingo is the worst golf course in the world"
Rook: "Merr!"
by Joe G-Unit$$$ March 31, 2008
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