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Indie girls are usually into any form of art and are very artistic, whether in photography, instrumental, drawing, etc. Normally, they listen to bands / music other people have never even heard of, mostly up-beat music. Theres not really a specific way to dress, if there were a specific way to dress, that wouldnt make you very independent now would it? They kind of have that I-dont-give-a-crap-what-you-think-of-me-and-how-I-dress kind of thing, which is never bad to have. They are usually happy and dont label themselves as indie. They arent violent most of the time, and photography is one of the things they may love to do. They dont try to fit in to the crowd just to be someone, they are very independent in what they do. Most of the time they are quiet and maybe even alone, but arent sad about it because they enjoy it. Its kind of hard to explain, but I love everything about indie girls. But thats just my opinion~
Girl A; "Do you see that girl over there at the end of the hall?"

Girl B; "Yeahh"

Girl A; "Do you know her?"

Girl B; "Nope, but Im kinda in love with her clothes."

Girl A; "Ahaa, I know right. Shes pretty, too. Shes looks like she could be an indie girl, yaknow."

Girl B; "Yeah. Wanna go talk to her?"

Girl A; "Yeah, she seems cool."
by Joe Dan 8D June 12, 2010

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