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When someone uses their hand when fellating you instead of deep throating
I had to kick Sarah out of my bedroom and called Kimberly over cuz the bitch was giving me some lousy ass cheaters head.
by Joe D. Irt November 26, 2007
Derogatory term used to describe half-breed Mexican-Native American women. Term can also be found in dialogue exchange between Jennifer Jones and Lionel Barrymore in the 1946 film, "Duel In the Sun".
1) L.B.: How'd they come to name you Pearl?
J.J.: I don't know, sir.
L.B.: They couldn't have had much eye for color, could they? (laughter) They might have better called you Pocahontas or Minnie-ha-ha. Ain't I right?
J.J.: I guess so.

2) Racist pig, drinking Budweiser and scratching his nuts: "Yeah, them damn minnie-ha-has. Keep them border jumpers on the other side" Shots ring out, racist pig chokes on his own beer and vomit, which consisted of last night's redneck meal.
by Joe D. Irt January 01, 2005
That sweet, SWEET, SWEEEEET stuff that lil' Junior is gonna have to get used to giving up naily or upon Bubba's request.
Bubba: "C'mon, boy, Long John needs sum lovin'"
Junior: "Not now, Bubba. I'm tired."
Bubba (yanking Junior's covers back and ramming his jimmy up 'in there'): "Stay in a child's place, bitch!"
by Joe D. Irt August 03, 2005

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