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One with supirior intelligence and nose how 2 spell remarkably. sometimes does stupid things related 2 fun.
ur such a busman.
by Joe Carpenter May 01, 2004
1. Any of the electropositive objects that typically have high conductivity, a shiny surface, and are easily malleable.

2.Incoherent music defined by lack of melody, a steady rhythm, and talent. Typically listened to by overweight teenagers with acne scarring and a third grade reading level, and typically played by overweight 30ish males that burp, fart, and generally expel bodily fluids on a constant basis.
1. Pound that metal into a sheet, and then make wires out of it.

2. BROTHER BROTHER BROTHER, did you hear the new Slayer cd? You can hear the guy fart and burp 3 minutes into track 11!
by Joe Carpenter February 23, 2005
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