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2 definitions by Joe (DEW ME)

aka Abracrombie and Fitch... a pretentious fucking store for pretentious fucking assholes who will spend 50 bucks on a shirt that is way to small
Pretentious Asshole X: Hey dude wats up?
Joe: Not much man,you?
Pretentious Asshole X: Nothing....wanna go to the mall?
Joe: Sure man where u wanna meet?
Pretentious Asshole X: How about Abracrombie and Fitch?
Joe: You mean Fagacrombie and Bitch...fuck that I'm goin to Hot Topic.
*Joe Punches Pretentious Asshole X in the stomach*
by Joe (DEW ME) January 05, 2008
30 24
a combination of the words gay a disgusting
dude...that chick Danielle is totally skusty
by Joe (DEW ME) March 01, 2008
2 1