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5 definitions by Joe & Trev

Trippy and weird at the same time.
I heard my first qweef today and it was fuckin treird!
by Joe & Trev January 30, 2009
Someone that can make someone else fart.
Dude! wtf?! how did you do that? what are you? a fartriliquist?
by Joe & Trev January 31, 2009
A person who says the word sick way too much.
Dude! quit saying sick so damn much, you're going to catch sickticular cancer!
by Joe & Trev February 01, 2009
Particles of shit flying off fan blades.
Whoa! watch out for those shiticals man!
by Joe & Trev February 01, 2009
Someone who can't get it up.
Haha that fool has a flibberdick, sucks for him and really sucks for his girl, guess we're going to have to help her with her needs.
by Joe & Trev February 01, 2009