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2 definitions by Jody Jamieson

A form of incontinence. Or lack of bladder control
"I have an extreme case of the snittles."
by Jody Jamieson March 09, 2004
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Extreme Fishing. The xemo World Championships. There are many different events in the Xemo World Championships. There is the world famous "Xemo Tree" where competitors will be hung upside down from, and will try and catch fish using a variety of different rods. Such as standard fishing rods, one of those kiddy rods from the seaside, and last but not least, a golf club. The golf club can be sharpened at the end for optimum stabbing power.

The other events will be "Pin the hook on the fishy" Where fishermen will be blindfolded, spun around a few times, and then asked to fish. They may have trouble finding the river, but that's their problem! And there shall be a lightning round. Where it shall be thunder and lightning literally. I'm sure even the most daringof fishermen would be intimidated by these conditions.
"Welcome to the Xemo World Championships!"
by Jody Jamieson March 09, 2004
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